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Skjásvæfa Gjöf
Windows Screensaver Gift
Download and Simple Install
This small sample will load and show you the sequence of eight paintings. They will fill the entire screen with color - no borders.
You are welcome to use this screensaver of my paintings.
Það er fylgst með þér
Someone is Watching Over You

Apron Whirling

Beðið eftir geimverum
Waiting for Aliens

Stranded Folly

Á vaktinni
Upon Gathering Work

Night Flight

The Hula Ladies

Á háum hesti
On a High Horse

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Download and Simple Install
On a 56K modem it will take about four or five minutes to download.
Gunnella2002.scr is a 1,182 MB program file and will fit on a floppy disk.
Note: This file has been checked and verifed virus and spyware free .
1) Make a folder to place your file opening Windows Explorer.
Hint: To make a folder for your screensaver
1a) In the left panel of Explorer click on the C drive
1b) Select <File> <New> <Folder> and name it: ArtScreensaver
2) To download the Gunnella2002.scr file click "Download" below, select "Save to Disk" and choose the new folder you just made: C:\ArtScreensaver (Hint: After you choose the save folder that opens the save to box, click on the folder with the up arrow to go up to the C:\ drive and then to the ArtScreensaver folder.)
Click to Download
3) In Windows Explorer go to C:\ArtScreensaver and right click on the Gunnella2002.scr file and select "Install"
4) That brings up your screensaver window where you can choose the inactivity time when your screensaver starts, perhaps 10 minutes. Done!
5) You want to change your screensaver? Right click anywhere on your desktop, select Properties, select the Tab called Screen Saver and make your changes.
The images on this screensaver are copyright protected and may not be used for any commerical purpose
without the express consent of the copyright holder, Gunnella.

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