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Gunnella lives in Garðabær, just outside Reykjavík.
She is inspired by and includes in her paintings the countrysides of
Siglufjörður in the north and Snæfellsnes in the west.

Siglufjörður Snæfellsnes Garðabær
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Today, I'm painting pictures from the photo-album of my mind, pictures that I have collected from memories of people, especially my grandmother who lived in the north of the country. She came from Siglufjörður. I paint her, her house, and the surroundings.

The Herring Museum in Siglufjörður - English
The Herring Museum in Siglufjörður - Íslenska
Stækka / Enlarge Stækka / Enlarge Stækka / Enlarge
More About This Painting
Í draumalandi / In Dreamland Á háum hesti /
On a High Horse
Afi og amma /
My Grandparents
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I'm also adding flowers and trees from my garden and from the west of Iceland, the powerful Snæfellsnes glacier.

About Snæfellsnes
Stækka / Enlarge Stækka / Enlarge
More About This Painting
Kátt á Hóli / Happy Hour
Beðið eftir geimverum /
Waiting for Aliens
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Garðabær / Reykjavík
I live in Garðabær, a small town only minutes from Reykjavík
Garðabær - English
Garðabær - Íslenska

View from Gunnella's window
of Mount Keilir


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